The Art of Living Well

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Escape everyday routine for a moment, to slow down, recharge your batteries and commune with nature. Here we will share some #MySwtizerland tips for switching off and letting your mind wander.

Why do we share? As for the upcoming Monday, we will have our Career Centre + Podcast “Post COVID19 Growth Mindset and Why It’s Important” — with well-known author Samantha Touchais, we decided that today is the best day to Discover Switzerland from the side of Wellbeing.

Monday (29th of June / 10:00 / Zoom)

Let’s get back on track! So, where can You recharge and focus on Your Mindset Growth, and reflection in Switzerland?

TIP #1 Discover Earth!

Leaving from Soulce, in the Jura, enjoy a walk of 2.5 hours on the theme of The Earth. Energy and well-being are highlighted along the way with the aim of giving walkers an alternative perspective.

This walk offers participants the opportunity to focus on themselves and take some time out. The natural surroundings encourage thinking about what is important and help cast off negative thoughts.

The walk begins at the “Soulce – Milieu du Village” bus stop. There are three routes that the visitor can take: the Air Walk at Soulce, and the Fire Walk and Ether Walk at Undervelier.

TIP #2 Walen Planet (Walen Path)

Here is a chance for unique mountain adventures and mountain railway experiences — the Walen Trail is a sophisticated pleasure tour with panoramic views.

Appearances can be deceptive — although there is indeed a cable car at the beginning and end of the Walen Trail from Bannalp (1713m) to Ristis (1600m), this does not at all mean that all the differences in altitude have been conquered. An ascent of 560 metres and descent of 670 metres make of the Panorama Trail a proper alpine route. Being a well-secured mountain path, it offers a unique Alpine experience for (almost) everyone.

On the Oberfeld with its alpine meadows full of grazing goats, a welcoming little mountain restaurant serves its own produce such as goat’s milk, goat’s cheese, meat and yoghurt. Towards the end of the tour the tired wanderer can find fortification in the Brunnihütte with a mid-morning alpine snack or the already legendary Felsenputzer steak: For it is here, on Brunni, where Switzerland Tourism played the famous Felsenputzer April Fool’s joke.

On the adjacent Tickle Trail there is wading — alternately in water and on shore — over moor, gravel, wood chips and stones. Enjoy the tingling feeling of relaxing in nature before continuing along the wide Brunni path for another hour towards Ristis. There the new cable car with its panoramic glass windows ensures a promising finale on the way to Engelberg.

TIP #3 A campfire under the stars

The hikers are a good deal closer to the stars when they climb the Parpaner Rothorn with Andreas Niedermann. At 2700 meters, they first set up camp and then cook dinner on an open fire. An outdoor experience where some might not even want to sleep. The guests are free to sit around the campfire until sunrise. Sounds interesting?! For more information, go 👉

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